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URGENT: On June 18, President Trump made a statement about potential large scale deportation raids in the coming months. It is important to stay informed, remain calm, and stay empowered by knowing your rights. Informed Immigrant has gathered information from press reports, including the Washington Post, and advocates of what may come. We wanted to share what we know with the community immediately.


1. These raids were expected to start as early as [6/23], but have been temporarily delayed for two weeks.

2. ICE is expected to begin enforcement actions, targeting workplaces and home raids targeting families who arrived recently, it is believed from Central America, and who have final orders of removal. In particular, they plan to target families who were not physically present at their court dates and received these final orders in their absence. It is believed to be about 2,000 families in total. 

3. The raids could begin pre-dawn and are expected to happen over a few days.


These 8-10 cities are rumored to be targeted by raids:
Baltimore, MD
Chicago, IL
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
New York, NY
Newark, NJ
Washington, DC


These locations are unconfirmed. If you, a loved one or someone you know may fit this description, remain calm, be on alert and be prepared. Here is how to protect yourself and loved ones:

1. You don't have to open the door if an ICE agent comes to your home. ICE is only allowed to enter your home if they have a valid judicial search or arrest warrant with your correct name and/or address, signed by a judge, not an immigration official. 

2. You have the right to remain silent and don't have to answer any questions, do not sign anything without a lawyer present, and contact a lawyer immediately. 

3. You can find a trusted immigration lawyer through our legal services organization tool. https://www.informedimmigrant.com/guides/know-your-rights/…


Remember — everyone in the U.S. has certain rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, regardless of your immigration status. Visit our How to Prepare for A Raid guide to learn your rights inside your home, how to prepare your family, and how to prepare for an immigration raid.


The Santa Monica College DREAM Program provides support services to DREAMers (undocumented, AB540 and DACA recipients). Its purpose is to increase the personal growth, development and retention of DREAM students through academic, career, and personal counseling; assistance in applying for the California Dream Act/Financial Aid and scholarships; and providing workshops relative to DREAMers and their families.

The DREAM Program was developed through commitment and collaboration from the following Santa Monica College departments:

  • Student Equity
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • The Vice President of Student Affairs Office
  • SMC Foundation

Make An Appointment With a Counselor

Effective Monday June 17, 2019

Location: Student Services Center (SSC)​ 2nd Floor, Room 238​: SMC-Main-Map.pdf 

Phone: (310) 434-4892

Email: DREAM@smc.edu

Program Staff

Nick Mata, Director of Special Programs

Sergio Belloso, Counselor

Christina Fuller, Student Services Specialist​

Save the Date

DREAM Program orientation - August 16, 2019

Please click the image to RSVP. 

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SMC Foundation Stands with Dreamers

Santa Monica College Foundation has established a scholarship fund to provide immediate assistance to SMC's students who are undocumented and are faced with an unforeseen cost to attend college, such as the advanced financial burden to re-apply for DACA. The application fee is $505 per student. With the Trump Administration's announcement to end DACA, the reapplication process was fast-tracked, placing an unreasonable financial burden on our students.

Please consider a gift to this timely and most important initiative. 100% of the proceeds will directly benefit SMC Undocumented Students.

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