​SMC People Resources for Creating Accessible Technology

Instructional Materials

Tom Peters, Disabled Student Services, Faculty, x8706, peters_thomas@smc.edu

Shawn Jordison, Disabled Student Services, Faculty, x4424, jordison_shawn@smc.edu

Web Design 

Paul Trautwein, Web Coordinator, x4204, trautwein_paul@smc.edu

Regina Ip, Web Content and Social Media Manager, x4175, ip_regina@smc.edu


Christine Miller, Distance Education Multimedia Specialist, x3765, miller_christine@smc.edu

Contact Christine for all questions related to Pearson Learning Studio/eCollege (online, hybrid, class supplement) and CANVAS including captioning requests.

Tom Peters, Disabled Student Services, x8706, peters_thomas@smc.edu

Contact Tom for all captioning questions not related to Pearson Learning Studio/eCollege or CANVAS as well as any other accessibility questions.


Instructors may email distance_ed_inquiry@smc.edu for support from our Distance Education Staff.

Students may email SMCOnlineInquiry@smc.edu for support from our Online Learning Services Specialist

Campus-wide Technology Implementations

Steve Hunt, ADA/504 Compliance Officer campus-wide issues including exceptions, x4689, hunt_steve@smc.edu

General Support for Document Creation

Waleed Nasr, Senior Technology Specialist, x4391, nasr_waleed@smc.edu