Contact Information

Name Phone Email
Lynne Fuqua, DSS Specialist 4265
Nathalie Laille, Coordinator 4229
Elena Throckmorton, DSS Specialist 4265
Fax 4272  

Academic and Vocational Counseling

Name Phone Email
Pin Lor 4265
Lisette Rabinow-Palley 4265
Kimberly Galbraith 4265
Leticia Montoya 4265

Learning Disabilities Program (located in MC75)

Name Phone Email
Lee Axelrod 4684
Dawn Decker 4684
Anita Johnson 4684
George Marcopulos 3975
Audrey Morris, Tutor coordinator 3555
Sharon Teruya 4659
Fax 3694  

Personal Counseling

Name Phone Email
Patricia Bisch, MA, MFT 4265

High Tech Training Center - Adapted Computer Technology

Name Phone Email
Lisa Courto 4267
Shawn Jordison 4424
Tom Peters 8706

Sign Language Interpreters

Name Phone Email
Peter Cheng 4497
Denise Henninger 4497
Crystal Lagunas 4497
Dena Schechter 4497
Kathleen Solis 4497
Nani Vigil 4497

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) / Pathfinders - mature adults, post-stroke

Name Phone Email
Jeanne Adams 4948
Stephanie Lewis 4442
Bonnie Nakasuji 8158

Alternate Media Specialist

Name Phone Email
Aaron French 8934

ADA/504 Compliance Officer

Name Phone Email
Steve Hunt 4442

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