Santa Monica College has developed various educational approaches to serve students with acquired brain injuries. Our students' success rates are such that we encourage anyone with an interest in educational growth to take part in our program.

The SMC Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Program is designed for the adult who wants to pursue educational goals. SMC offers two types of educational opportunities for those with acquired brain injuries:

  • “for credit” coursework with support services to complete a degree or certificate at SMC or transfer to another accredited higher education institution. Enrollment in the “for credit” includes a block of core courses, namely, Problem Solving for ABI Students, Orientation to Higher Education, Physical Education, Independent Living Skills, Adapted Computer Training, Career Planning and Job Search Skills, as well as mainstream academic or vocational courses. Support services include assessment of educational limitations and recommended academic adjustments, educational planning, classroom accommodations such as notetakers, modification of testing, audiotaping, assistive listening devices, alternate media, and priority registration.

  • ABI Connections, a non-credit, adult education course (Coun 910) to develop community living skills and personal development. The course emphasizes life skills; and, caregivers may participate in instructional activities when desirable. Class activities may include exploration of community resources, development of video media, as well as cognitive stimulation exercises.