​​Study Strategy Classes​

Counseling 51:  Test-taking/Memory Strategies

This course is designed to teach specific learning strategies in the areas of test taking and memory.  Students will learn to be more successful in taking various types of academic tests by applying specific strategies for studying for tests, retaining and recalling information, answering test questions, and learning from mistakes.

Counseling 52: Textbook/Memory Strategies

Students will learn to improve comprehension of textbooks in various subject areas by reading actively to create a variety of study tools from their texts, and to apply techniques for remembering what has been read.

Counseling 54:  Organizational Strategies

The primary emphasis of this course is time management and task analysis. Students learn how to break assignments down and how to schedule these on daily, weekly and monthly calendars. Goal-setting, prioritizing, procrastination, and evaluation of study time and environment are part of this planning process. Career exploration is an additional area of study.

Counseling 56:  Written Language Strategies

This course is taught in the High Tech Center, as it incorporates the use of computers and software to implement and support the step-by-step stages of writing strategies.          

Counseling 57:  Listening, Note Taking, and Memory

This course is designed to improve a student's ability to actively listen, take lecture notes and employ memory strategies. Assistive technology for note taking is also explored.

Counseling 58:  Math Strategies

This course teaches students with learning disabilities strategies to improve how they learn mathematics and solve mathematical problems. Math strategy workshops are offered for Math 31.

Assessment Course     

Before a student can receive these support services, he/she must be evaluated to determine eligibility for the program. Students discover their learning strengths and weaknesses through a series of tasks.  Both academic and thinking skills are assessed during this process. The Learning Disabilities Specialist will interpret testing results and make individual recommendations on how to improve learning and study strategies.​

Interested in taking a Study Strategy Class? A schedule of classes offered for the current semester can be found by clicking ​LD Prog​ram Workshops Fall 2017​​​​.

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