​​​Support Services offered by the Learning Disabilities Program

After the assessment process, an individual plan is developed with recommendations for needed skills training and appropriate accommodations. The following is a list of accommodations and services that the student may be eligible for as indicated in his/her personal educational plan. ​

Test Proctorin​g

If recommended as an appropriate accommodation on your Student Educational Contract, this option offers a quiet, non-distracted environment, with extra time if indicated.

Priority Registration

For Fall and Spring semesters only

Volunteer Note takers

This is an option for students who have difficulty listening and taking notes at the same time. Tape recording lectures is also an option, but it is also possible to request the assistance of a student in the class who is a good note taker and is willing to volunteer. See your contact instructor.

Books on tape and E-text

This is an excellent resource for students who have reading difficulties.  Discuss with your contact instructor. Click here for more information about Learning Ally.​

Drop-in Tutoring Appointments

These are available for "short term" help. Ask at the LD desk.


See your contact instructor to discuss needs. The LD program has help available primarily in Math and English. Please note that there are many options available on campus for Tutoring.

High Tech Training Center

Assistive technology training, word-processing classes, computer-assisted instruction, introduction to the internet, tools for success in SMC coursework! There are also "open lab times" to get help or work on an assignment.

Academic Advisement

See counselors in Disabled Student Services, AC 101.

On/off-campus referrals

Study Strategies Classes

​​Click the link Guide to L.D. Services for more detailed information on how to access these support services

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