​As an EOPS/CARE participant, there are program forms that you can access and submit online!

The forms you can access include:

  • CARE Book Supplies Request
  • CARE Services Request
  • Request for Special Consideration

You can find these inside Corsair Connect​, the SMC student portal.

Here are directions to access the forms:

  1. Log in to Corsair Connect.

  2. On the main portal page, click "EOPS/CARE."

  3. You will see a list of forms available to you. Click the form you want to complete and submit.

  4. When the form opens, complete the form. Make sure you enter all the information requested.

  5. You must sign the form! Click the signature line and a pop-up will open where you can use your mouse like a pen to sign the document. Click "Save."

  6. After you have signed the form, click "Submit." The form will then be electronically sent to the EOPS/CARE staff member to process the form. After you submit, close the form by closing the browser.

  7. If you have any difficulties, please contact the EOPS office at (310) 434-4268.