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Meet the Tea​m

​​Nick Mata, Associate Dean of Special Programs
Debra Joseph Locke, EOPS/CARE Supervisor
Gina Brunell, Administrative Assistant
Aaron De La Torre, Student Services Specialist
Christina Fuller, Student Services Specialist
Marcia Merritt-Williams, Student Services Assistant​
Jeremy Newman, Student Services Clerk
George Rogers, Student Services Clerk​

​​Jackie Del Banco, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Rosilynn Tilley, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Eric Barnard, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Julie Greenfield, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Lisa Roper, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Maibe Banuelos, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Nick Bravo, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Grace Santiago, EOPS/CARE Counselor
Philip Lantz, Guardian Scholars Counselor
Stephanie Hall, Guardian Scholars Counselor
Sergio Belloso, DREAM Counselor                                                                                                            Victoria Santiago, DREAM Counselor
Audrey Sandoval, CalWORKs Counselor
Juliana Parker, CalWORKs Counselor
Susana Stewart, Therapist
Kimberly Rios-Lam, Therapist