In an Emergency 24/7

For on-campus emergencies.
i.e., a student is a danger to him/herself or others, during office hours or after hours.

Contact campus police at
(310) 434-4300

For off-campus emergencies call

Additional Resources at Santa Monica College

Campus Police
(310) 434-4300

Career Services Center
(310) 434-4337

The Center for Students with Disabilities
(310) 434-4265

Health Services Center
(310) 434-4262

International Education Counseling Center
(310) 434-4218

(310) 434-3986

Title IX-Sexual Harassment and Misconduct
(310) 434-4225

SMC Transfer/Counseling Department
(310) 434-4210

Veteran’s Resource Center
(310) 434-8205

Community Resources

Suicide Prevention Hotline
(800) 273-8255

Rape Treatment Center
(310) 319-4503

L.A. Dept of Mental Health Access Center Helpline
(800) 854-7771

OPCC Homeless Services
(310) 450-4050

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More Resources

  • ULifeline
    College students are encouraged to take a brief self-assessment to learn if a treatable mental health problem could be affecting them or a friend. Students can also search for useful information about a variety of mental health issues and suicide prevention.

  • Counseling Center Village
    Educational information about mental health and other issues that college and university students may be experiencing. Pamphlets can be printed or viewed about numerous topics including sleep, anxiety, ADHD, and more.

  • HelpGuide
    To help you understand and to learn new ways to cope. Information about topics about emotional health, family and relationships, and healthy living provide ways to increase your well-being.

    A site dedicated to providing facts for college students about drugs and alcohol.

  • American Psychological Association
    Provides general information and resources regarding mental health issues and psychological disorders.

  • American Psychiatric Association
    Includes general information and research about psychiatric care and psychological disorders.​​