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English Academy

Description: Students who place into English 21A are eligible for this accelerated two-week reading and writing course and a chance to reassess into English 1. In the Academy, students work with experienced SMC faculty and writing assistants to strengthen their writing and research skills in preparation for a final paper. Successful students may skip English 21A and enroll directly into English 1 in fall.

Sponsored by: FYE

Target Audience: All new students who have placed into Eng 21A with cut scores between 160 – 189 who desire to take English 1.

Offered: Mon – Fri, July 28 – August 11, 2017

Format: 2 unit course

Desired Number of Program Participants: 300

Other: Course time patterns will be 8am – 1pm

Math Academy

Description: The Math Academy is a two-week math course designed to build pre-college math skills. Students that place into pre-college math have the opportunity to work with experienced SMC faculty to strengthen their math skills and re-assess their math placement at the end of the program.

Sponsored by: FYE

Target Audience: All new students who place below Math 20. Students who complete the Academy will be allowed to re-assess at the end of the experience.

Offered: Mon – Thurs, July 31st – August 10, 2017

Format: Workshops

Desired Number of Program Participants: 250

​Summer JAMS

Description: In this one week program, students are exposed to English and math concepts that will help with their transition into college.

Sponsored by: FYE

Target Audience: All new basic skills students who could benefit from math and English workshops.

Offered: Session 1: Mon – Thurs, July 31st – August 3, 2017; Session 2: Mon – Thurs, Aug 7 – 10, 2017

Format: Workshops

Desired Number of Program Participants: 250 per session ​

Summer Bridge

Description: In this six- week course students that have expressed interest in the fields of Allied Health, Graphic Design and Business/Logistics, have the opportunity to begin taking coursework in their prospective fields and begin their career planning with a Counseling 12, Career Planning course.

Sponsored by: FYE

Target Audience: All new students who have an interest in one of the three offered pathways – Allied Health, Graphic Design or Business/Logistics .

Offered: Summer Session 2017

Format: Intro course in field along with Couns 12, Career Planning

Desired Number of Program Participants: 210


Description: Sherri Bradford to provide

Sponsored by: African American Collegians Center/Black Collegians

Target Audience: All new students who have joined Black Collegians

Offered: A Saturday in August. Exact date to be determined

Format: One day orientation program emphasizing team building and community

Desired Number of Program Participants: 60 – 100??

Camino Al Exito

Description: A 1-Day Student Orientation program that provides new college students an opportunity to begin to develop their SMC support network by participating in activities that introduce them to current SMC Latina/o students as well as counselors and faculty. In addition, a 1-DayParent Orientation (Spanish version) which focuses on SMC resources, college financial aid and how to support their college student is provided.

Sponsored by: Latino Center/Adelante

Target Audience: All new students who have joined Adelante

Offered: A Saturday in August. Exact date to be determined

Format: One day orientation program emphasizing social support, networking and community. Parents invited and encouraged to participate

Desired Number of Program Participants: 80-100 (35-55 students; 25-35 parents)

​STEM Skills

Description: STEM Skills week provides newly admitted Science and Research Initiative (SRI) program students with intensive preparation for Fall STEM courses. SRI program students attend 5 days of academic and counseling workshops at SMC that are designed to develop STEM student success skills and build community. The final day of the program takes place at our partner institution, University of California Los Angeles, and highlights the research projects of senior SRI students who complete our 10-week Summer Research Program.


Sponsored by: US Department of Education, Title III Hispanic Serving Institutions STEM Grant

Target Audience: All newly admitted students to the STEM program (Applications Open Every Spring)

Offered: Monday – Friday, August 14 – 18, 2017, 7am – 4pm (SMC), Saturday August 19th (UCLA)

Format: Math Review (Algebra-Calculus) 8a – 11:30 am; Counseling 11:30 – 12:30p; Science Workshops 1:30 – 4pm

Desired Number of Program Participants: 250

Counseling Programs

The SMC Counseling Department has a number of specialized counseling programs to meet the specific needs you may have. To find a program for you, select from the options below where you will find the location, phone number, link (if available), and description for the various counseling programs available at SMC. If you need help in deciding which programs are right for you, you may also meet with a counselor.

Transfer/Counseling Center
Counseling Complex

The Transfer/Counseling Center provides educational and personal counseling to all SMC students, and is often the "first stop" for students seeking counseling assistance.

General services include counseling regarding life/school balance, overcoming barriers to success, and other related issues; assistance with course selection and academic planning; advisement on career certificates, Associate of Arts degree and transfer requirements; discussion of important dates and deadlines; and counseling for probationary or disqualified students.

Transfer services include visits from campus representatives from over 60 four-year institutions, campus tours of California colleges and universities, and workshops on the transfer application process and financial aid.

African-American Collegians Center
Counseling Complex

The African-American Collegians Center is dedicated to promoting, encouraging, and increasing the retention, transfer, academic success, and graduation of African American students. The Black Collegians program helps guide the transfer process of Black Collegian students, and has successfully transferred Collegians to colleges and universities including Spelman College, Howard University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Stanford. All SMC students, regardless of ethnicity, are encouraged to visit the Center.

Associated Students
Cayton Center

Associated Students provides students with the opportunity to enrich their college experience by becoming involved in student government and in a variety of campus clubs.

Athletics Counseling
Physical Education Bldg
215 310/434-8017

This program assists SMC athletes with academic planning, class scheduling, unit enrollment requirements, athletic eligibility, and other athlete-specific educational and counseling issues.

Counseling Complex Bungalow

California's welfare reform program, CalWORKS, offers eligible students the support needed to successfully transition from welfare to self-sufficiency. This includes academic and training support, pre-employment assistance, work-study experiences, financial resources and childcare services.

CARE (Cooperative Agencies and Resources for Education)
Student Services Building, RM 104

CARE is a state-funded program that offers educational and financial support services to single parents receiving AFDC/TANF and attending SMC full time.

Career Services Center
Library Village 161
310/434- 4337

The Career Services Center offers a full spectrum of employment and career services including job and employment counseling, career counseling, job placement, internship placement, and assistance with resume writing and interviewing. The Center has a full library of career resources, as well as computer-based career information systems.

Center for Students with Disabilities
Admissions Complex, Building B, Room 101

The center serves students with disabilities who require assistance to succeed in their academic endeavors and to actively participate in the competitive mainstream college life. This assistance includes counseling services, technical support (including readers, interpreters, and test accommodations), and specialized support classes.

Counseling Classes

The Counseling Department offers several Counseling classes to help students achieve success in school and in life. These courses, taught by Counseling Faculty, include: Counseling 1: Developing Learning Skills; Counseling 12: Career Planning; Counseling 15: Orientation Seminar; Counseling 16: Job Success Skills; Counseling 17: Anger Management; Counseling 18: Conflict Resolution; Counseling 20: Student Success Seminar. The Department also offers many "Counseling - Special Education" courses, covering similar topics and designed specifically for students with learning and/or physical disabilities.

EOPS (Extended Opportunities, Programs, and Services)
Student Services Building, RM 104

The EOPS staff provides educational and financial assistance to full-time students who come from low-income families, are first generation college students, or face other barriers to educational success.

Guardian Scholars Program
Student Services Building, RM 104
(310) 434-4491

The Guardian Scholars Program supports the academic and personal goals of current and former foster youth attending Santa Monica College. Our goal is to support, connect and increase academic awareness and achievement as students embark on their journey within higher education.

First Year Institute
Welcome Center
Cayton Center Complex - Room 110

The First Year Institute (FYI) is federally funded program to enhance the educational experience of first-time college students. FYI offers learning communities, a summer bridge program, and other activities that are designed to help first-time college students succeed at SMC.

Health Services Center
Cayton Center Complex

The Health Services staff provides cost-effective primary health care services to currently enrolled students. Services include: health promotion, illness prevention, mental wellness, and health education.

International Education Center
1734 Pearl Street

The International Education Center offers academic and personal counseling for international students who are studying at SMC on an F-1 visa.

Latino Center
Counseling Complex

The Latino Center is dedicated to promoting, encouraging, and increasing the retention, transfer, academic success, and graduation of Latino students. The Adelante Program is a support program that focuses on academic achievement, cultural awareness, and personal growth, and offers classes that accentuate the Latino experience. All SMC students, regardless of ethnicity, are encouraged to visit the Center.

Nursing Counseling
3171 South Bundy Avenue, Room 319

This program assists SMC nursing students regarding academic planning and other nursing-specific educational and counseling issues.

Outreach Program
1724 Pearl Street

The Outreach Program serves as a bridge between SMC and local high schools, middle schools, and community agencies to ensure a smooth transition process from high school to college. Outreach provides services to over 60 local high schools in LA Co unty, including college and career fairs, recruitment, financial aid presentations, and application workshops. An additional part of Outreach is Out-of-State recruitment through which the college assists prospective out-of-state students interested in attending SMC.

Pico Partnership
Counseling Complex

The Pico Partnership On the Move Program is a joint effort between Santa Monica College, Virginia Avenue Park and the City of Santa Monica, and is designed to provide educational counseling and financial assistance to underserved, under-represented at-risk youth living near the College.

Scholars Program
Library Village 117

The Scholars Program is an honors program offering academic challenges and critical support services to students with a 3.0 GPA or higher, and provides priority consideration for transfer admission to a variety of universities including UCLA, UC Irvine, Loyola Marymount University, Occidental College, Pomona, and CSU Northridge.

Drescher 301

Santa Monica College's STEM Initiatives foster the student skills necessary to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math courses. STEM is an academic support program designed to help traditionally underrepresented students, interested in STEM careers successfully complete their studies at SMC, transfer to a 4 year research orientated baccalaureate program, and enter the STEM workforce.

Teacher Academy
3171 S. Bundy Avenue, Room 317T
On campus - Library Village 125
(310) 434-8198

A teacher preparation program that provides specialized academic counseling, early fieldwork opportunities, education courses, and a variety of support services to assist future teachers in completing their educational and career goals.

Veterans Program
Liberal Arts 135

This program assists honorably-discharged veterans and qualified dependents attending SMC with academic counseling and other matters pertaining to Veterans Administration benefits. The Veterans' Office is located in Liberal Arts 135.

Welcome Center
Cayton Center Complex, Room 110

The Welcome Center is a convenient "one-stop shop" where new students can find the information, services, and support they need to make a smooth transition to SMC. During enrollment periods, the Welcome Center has academic and financial aid counselors, staff from the Admissions Office, and trained student ambassadors are on hand to answer questions and assist new students with the admissions and enrollment process.