​​​About the Program

The Pico Promise Program (PPP) is a joint partnership betwe​en Santa Monica College and the City of Santa Monica. Pico Promise is designed to meet the needs of the underserved, under-represented youth living in close proximity to the College. The program assists and motivates young residents of the Pico neighborhood to pursue postsecondary activities leading to degrees, certificates, transfer to a 4-year university, and/or employment.


1900 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: (310) 434-4926
Located inside the SMC Counseling Complex (Map #46​)

Pico Promise Program Staff

Audrey Sandoval, Ph.D., Project Manager
(310) 434-4915

Rocio Menendez-Mata, Counselor
(310) 434-8556

Gabriela Corona, Counselor
(310) 434-4926

Yomira Bautista, Student Services Clerk
(310) 434-4926