Definition of Violation and Violence


To infringe on someone's space or privacy(stalking); to desecrate or profane something sacred; to fail to keep a promise, uphold a law(discrimination), observe a rule; to offend, insult or outrage one's sense of decency; to commit a sexual assault on women, men or animal(rape, incest).


Physical force used to cause injury, damage or destruction; an unjust or callous use of force or power (rape).

Forms of Violations/Violent Behaviours

  1. Mental Abuse (Psychological)

    Verbal assault ie persistent or constant ridiculing, belittling, shaming, yelling, breaking down an individual's self esteem and self worth through malicious use of verbal statements.

  2. Physical Abuse

    Physical use of extreme force to control/over power or injure or destroy by infringing on an individual's rights, sensibilities, etc. Sexual assault, sexual harrassment, rape, incest, spanking, fights, bullying etc.

  3. Emotional Abuse (Psychosocial)

    Stalking, hate crimes, dating violence, sex slaves crime, kidnappings, pedophile crimes etc. Emotional abuse can be a combination of both psychological and physical abuse.

All Forms Of Abuse Can Be Sustained Under Any Circumstances/Situations, On Campus Or Off Campus. Please Be Aware And Seek Help If You Or Anyone Is A Victim. Call Campus Police At 310-434-4300 Immediately If You See Someone Being Victimized Or If You Are The Victim.

Forms of Violence and ways to protect yourselves