Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Deseases and Infections 

Questions to Ponder

How clean are you before intercourse?

reflect on your actions prior to engaging in intercourse. Do you clean your private parts? Does your partner clean their private parts? Do you consider your personal hygiene and your partner's personal hygiene?

Herpes Type 1 

How safe are you during intercourse?

Do you and your partner use safe sex procedures when engaging in intercourse? Do you examine your private parts making sure you have no cuts or open skin (lesions)? Does your partner have any open skin, cuts, or lesions? Do you take the time to check your partner? Do you require the use of condoms? Do you insist on std screening? do you know what your partner is exposing you to?

Genital Warts 

How clean are you post intercourse?

do you clean yourselves (wash with soap and water) after engaging in a sexual act or do you just get dressed and move on?​