​​​​Summer/Fall ​2018 Applications

Summer/Fall applications are now closed.  The Winter/Spring 2019 application filing period will open on October 18, 2018. ​ Instructions are below, in preparation for the next application period. 

Required ​Items

Submit/upload ALL of the following items along with a completed electronic application (including all required fields*) by the deadline listed. Application submissions missing the required documents/materials will not be processed. (NOTE: A Scholars Program application is separate from the Santa Monica College Admissions application.)

  1. Provide transcripts showing the minimum requirement of a 3.0 GPA. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. Note that the Program/contracts may not work for students who have 30+ transferable units.

    Freshmen Students

    • Freshmen students with no college work (in progress or completed), must submit high school transcripts covering 9th through 12th grade.

    • Freshmen students currently enrolled in 11 or less college units must submit high school (9th - 12th), college transcripts AND Grade Check Forms for courses in progress.

    • Freshmen students currently enrolled in 12 college units must submit Grade Check Forms for each course.

    • Freshmen students who do not have a full high school transcript but have passed the High School Proficiency Examination will need to submit a copy of their equivalency certificate AND a copy of their high school transcripts covering each grade completed.

    • International students with foreign academic records must complete 12+ college units at a U.S. institution before applying.

    Continuing Students (completed 12+ college units)

    • Continuing students must submit a copy of their SMC transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

    • Continuing students who have previously attended other colleges or universities must submit transcripts for all colleges attended. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. (Note: Admissions policies require students to declare all colleges attended. Failure to do so will jeopardize a student's transfer status.)

    • International students with foreign academic records must complete 12+ college units at a U.S. institution before applying.

  2. Provide proof of English 1 eligibility. Eligibility may be demonstrated with proof of any of the following:

    • SMC Assessment Test (English 1 eligibility) Note: ​English 1X will not meet this requirement

    • College transcript (completion of an appropriate English 1 prerequisite)

    • AP Test score of 3 or greater (English Lit/Comp or English Language)

    • Note: If you have already completed English 1, you only need to submit your college transcript indicating your completion of the course.

  3. Supply one letter or recommendation from an instructor or counselor. The letter should be from someone who can comment on the applicant's work ethic and academic ability.

  4. Provide a 500-word essay. Tell us who you were, who you are and who you would like to be.


  • The Scholars Program contract may not benefit students with 30+ transferable units completed. For example, students planning to apply this Fall for the following year are not ideal candidates for the Scholars Program because they will not meet the Scholars certification requirements by the time they must submit their UC application. These students will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the Scholars Program by the time they are applying to transfer.

  • Applicants will be screened and cleared through the SMC Office of Student Judicial Affairs. Students with a record of an infraction of the SMC Student Codes of Conduct, AR 4410 and/or AR 4411, are not eligible for the Scholars Program.

  • All application packets must be complete upon submission. The Application Review Committee may request additional information when necessary. All communication between the Scholars Program and the applicant will primarily go through the applicant’s SMC email.

  • Submit/upload completed application materials through the electronic submission process below. As an alternative, unofficial transcripts can also be submitted directly to the Scholars Program office during office hours.

  • Questions regarding the application procedure may be directed to the Scholars Program office at (310) 434-4371 or scholars@smc.edu​

Once you log-in to Corsair Connect:

  1. Click on the Enrollment tab on the upper right corner of your page

  2. Click on Counseling Services in the left menu (make sure you select the term for which you are applying, from the term "drop down menu")

  3. Click on Scholars Program Application

  4. Begin the Application​​

Apply Now