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SMC|Student Services|Student Judicial Affairs|Academic Dishonesty Referral Form

Academic Dishonesty Referral Form


Given an alleged incident of academic dishonesty, and consistent with college policy, faculty members and examiners are requested to observe the following procedures:

  • Inform the student of the nature of the alleged violation and the impending course of action. Notify the student in writing whenever possible.
  • Submit an Academic Dishonesty Report online (below) within ten (10) school days of the allegation. Upon review of your notification and supportive documentation, the Campus Disciplinarian will contact the student in question. We will also notify the Ombudsperson and the appropriate department chair.
  • Depending on the nature of the violation, students will be required to meet with the Disciplinarian; in some instances, we may only contact students in writing. Additionally, students with repeat offenses or egregious acts of misconduct as defined in AR4410 and AR4411 may face suspension or expulsion proceedings.
  • Per college policy, students have a right to due process and may appeal instructor and Disciplinarian imposed sanctions, including the allegation of academic misconduct itself. Students may:
    • Confer with the Ombudsperson to seek an informal resolution;
    • Appeal to the Honor Board.
  • A disciplinary file will be created and maintained for a period of three (3) years provided there are no further acts of misconduct.

Note: Student ID Number is required: In order to ensure we are contacting the correct student, the SMC student ID number is REQUIRED. If you are reporting a student who is not enrolled in your class and do not have the ID number, you may submit the referral below and type "0" (zero) as an ID.  Be sure you specify in the reason for referral box why an ID number is not available, please. Without an ID number we may not be able to initiate adjudication procedures.


 Academic Dishonesty Referral Form

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