Oversight for the office of Student Judicial Affairs falls under the leadership of the Dean of Student Life/College Disciplinarian. Our staff includes a team of faculty and an administrative assistant. The college's ombudspersons are part of this team.

Student Judicial Affairs

Location: Admissions Complex, Room 103

Dean of Students/Disciplinarian Deyna Hearn: (310) 434-4655

Counselor, Student Judicial Affairs Veronica Casillas

Administrative Assistant Lisa Lewis Burns: (310) 434-4220

Ombudspersons (Ombuds Office)

Location: Letters & Science Bldg. Room 124

Ombudsperson/Political Science Professor​ Dr. Eric Oifer: (310) 434-3986

Ombudsperson/Biology​ Professor Lucy Kluckhohn Jones: (310) 434-3986​

Ombudsperson/Life Science Professor​ Yvonne Ortega​: (310) 434-3986​​​​​