Whereas, the safety, well-being, and success of students must be high priorities for Santa Monica College, as evidenced by the efforts of the Care & Prevention Team and the Title IX Task Force, in support of the mission to create a safe and inclusive learning environment and campus;

Whereas, safe spaces on campus, exemplified by current centers, have been an integral part of the institutional initiative of Santa Monica College and driving forces for student safety, support and success, and nationwide concerns about harassment and violence against women and LGTBQA persons make creating a safe space for such students an urgent priority;

Whereas, the Associated Students have found, through open town hall forums and numbers of concerned students that have signed petitions, that the need for a Gender Center is a compelling concern for the student body, and these engaged students are supported in their concerns by faculty from all disciplines;

Resolved, that the Academic Senate supports the establishment of a Gender Center with appropriate space and staffing as an integral part and high priority of the development plan for Santa Monica College.​