• Forms are for SMC Departments and SMC Student Organizations use only.

  • Complete the forms online and download for signatures where specified.​
  • Incomplete or illegible forms will be returned to you, and it may delay your requests.

  • Please complete and submit to the Associated Students Office by the applicable deadline.

Office Location and Hours

Santa Monica College Office of Student Life / Associated Students Office, 

1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405

Cayton Center, 2nd Floor, Room #202, Above the Cafeteria - Elevator on the east side. See Ma​ps

Office Front Desk Phone Number:  (310) 434-4250

Fall & Spring Semesters: Mon-Thur 7:30am-6pm, Fri 7:30am-3pm

Summer & Winter Sessions: Mon-Thur 7:30am-4pm,  Fri 7:30am-1pm

Associated Students (A.S.)

 A.S. Student Government Documents: 

  1.   PDF fileA.S. Constitution and Bylaws (Constitution approved 4/2014, Bylaws approved 5/2014)

  2. ​  A.S. Directors & Meetings Fall 2017​ (also includes paperwork deadlines) 
  3.   A.S. FISCAL POLICY 12TH EDITION (Approved May 2017)
  4.   PDF fileA.S. Posting Policy


  6.   A.S. Commissioner: Become an assistant to one of the A.S. Directors

  7.   A.S. Representative Application: Represent the student body on one of the SMC Campus-Wide Committees

  8.   PDF fileA.S. Flyer: FERPA. Links and instructions for student applicants.  

  9.   PDF fileA.S. Flyer: Public Posting Board Locations on SMC Main Campus

  10.   PDF fileStudent Life / A.S.  Office Policy (submit with your commissioner or director application)

A.S.  Elections​

Visit the A.S. Elections webpage for more information.

A.S. Request Forms​ - 

  • PROPOSALS:  Spring 2018 forms will be available sometime in January 2018.

  • ​ADDITIONAL REQUEST FORMS - Attach applicable forms to your proposal or otherwise directed by a Student Life Staff:

  1. PDF fileA.S. Requisition Form
  2. PDF fileA.S. Inventory Form
  3. PDF fileA.S. Multi-Logistics Form
  4. PDF fileA.S. / SMC Transportation Form
  5. PDF fileA.S. Field Trip Forms  (For AS/ICC Clubs only. Classes and programs must see their department chairs)
  6. PDF fileA.S. SMC Quad Layout Diagram Form
  7. PDF fileA.S. SMC Clock-Tower Layout Diagram Form
  8. PDF fileA.S. Contract Packet Forms
  9. PDF fileSMC Collection of Funds Form
  10. PDF fileA.S. Pre-Filled L.A. County Health Department Temp. Food Stand Form for clubs & AS co-sponsored events
  11. PDF fileA.S. Booth Layout (Attach to your Health Dept. Temp. Food Stand Form)
  12. PDF fileL.A. County Health Department: Additional Instructions. Must follow and read instructions.
  13. PDF fileA.S. Health Department Handbook of Regulations. Must follow and read instructions.

​Inter-Club-Council (ICC)

State & Federal Forms