• Forms are for SMC Departments and SMC Student Organizations use only.

  • Complete the forms online and download for signatures where specified.​
  • Incomplete or illegible forms will be returned to you, and it may delay your requests.

  • Please complete and submit to the Associated Students Office by the applicable deadline.

Office Location and Hours

Santa Monica College Office of Student Life / Associated Students Office, 

1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405

Cayton Center, 2nd Floor, Room #202, Above the Cafeteria - Elevator on the east side. See Ma​ps

Office Front Desk Phone Number:  (310) 434-4250

Fall & Spring Semesters: Mon-Thur 7:30am-6pm, Fri 7:30am-3pm

Summer & Winter Sessions: Mon-Thur 7:30am-3pm,  Fri 7:30am-1pm

Associated Students (A.S.)

 A.S. Student Government Documents: 

    1.   PDF fileA.S. Constitution and Bylaws (Constitution approved 4/2014, Bylaws approved 5/2014)
    2.     A.S. DIRECTOR APPLICATION​ (deadline by 9:00 a.m. on March 7, 2018)
    4.   A.S. FISCAL POLICY 12TH EDITION (Approved May 2017)
    5.   PDF fileA.S. Posting Policy
    8.   A.S. Representative Application - NEW 2018 Version.​  ​
    9.   PDF fileA.S. Flyer: FERPA. Links and instructions for student applicants.   
    10.   PDF fileA.S. Flyer: Public Posting Board Locations on SMC Main Campus
    11.     A.S. Elections Info  & Documents:  Visit the A.S. ELECTIONS​ webpage.

A.S. Request Forms:​ 

  • ​ADDITIONAL REQUEST FORMS - Attach applicable forms to your proposal or otherwise directed by a Student Life Staff:

  1. PDF fileA.S. Requisition Form
  2. PDF fileA.S. Inventory Form
  3. PDF fileA.S. Multi-Logistics Form
  4. PDF fileA.S. / SMC Transportation Form
  5. PDF fileA.S. Field Trip Forms: Only for AS /ICC Clubs (Note- all other departments contact Risk Mgmnt.)
  6. PDF fileA.S. SMC Quad Layout Diagram Form
  7. PDF fileA.S. SMC Clock-Tower Layout Diagram Form
  8. PDF fileA.S. Contract Packet Forms
  9. PDF fileSMC Collection of Funds Form
  10. A.S. Pre-Filled L.A. County Health Department Temp. Food Stand Form​​:  only for clubs & AS co-sponsored events.  Note- all other departments will need to contact the L.A. County Health Dept.
  11. PDF fileA.S. Booth Layout (Attach to your Health Dept. Temp. Food Stand Form)
  12. PDF fileL.A. County Health Department: Additional Instructions. Must follow and read instructions.
  13. PDF fileA.S. Health Department Handbook of Regulations. Must follow and read instructions.

For club forms go to: ​Inter-Club-Council (ICC)

State & Federal Forms