​How to Become an A.S. Member

Pay the A.S. Membership of $19.50 fee when you pay for your tuition & fees on Corsair Connect and pick up your A.S. Membership Sticker at the SMC Bursars Office (cashier windows), located next to the Counseling Office.  (See Maps for directions and locations).

You must present your A.S. Membership Sticker to receive the benefits listed below.



Look at all these benefits you get for only $19.50 a semester!  

Many of the benefits are still available given our current COVID-19 restrictions, via a remote environment!

1. Access to A.S. Computer Lab & free limited Printing ($15 value) located above the cafeteria

  • ​​​Students have access to Chrome books.​​​​
  • Printing on campus is currently not available. 

2.  Free Scantrons & Blue Books ($18 approximate value)

  • ​​This is currently not available.

3.  Campus Concerts, Speaker Series (Tuesday and Thursday at 11:15 a.m. Activity Hour)

  • ​​This is currently not available.

4.  Join one of our 50 plus clubs or Start a Club!

  • ​​​Clubs and the Inter Club Council are meeting remotely!  Visit our "Agendas and Minutes" page and our ICC page for additional details.   

5.  Funding for Club Activities and Projects

  • ​​​Clubs will continue to receive funding, except for in-person activities/events. 

6.  Student Discounts tickets - some SMC theater productions. (SMC Events Box Office)

  • ​​This is currently not available.

7.  Student Discounts up to 5% - 10% ($30 approx. value) at SMC Cafeteria Vendors and at the following participating local vendors:  Grey Block Pizza, Vie2 Cycling Studio, Cafe Bolivar, Shaka Shack, Ocean Park Pizza, Bud's Deli, California Chicken Cafe, Menchie's on Ocean Park, more to come! Some vendors that are not listed may give a student discount if shown the A.S. Membership Sticker on the SMC Student ID Card.

  • ​​​This is still available. 

8.  Leadership Opportunities (various student government positions - elected or appointed)

  • Remote leadership opportunities are still available.  

9.  Student Advocacy & Leadership appointments at Regional and Statewide levels.

  • ​Remote opportunities are still available. 

10.  A.S. Evening Events

  • ​​This is currently not available.

11.  Free Admission to SMC athletic events

  • ​​This is currently not available.

12.  Kinecta Credit Union – Membership Now Available to Students!

  • This is still available. 

13.  Funding assistance for SMC Departments & SMC Programs for student success

  • ​​​This is still available. 

14.  Leadership & Study Abroad Scholarship opportunities (see Scholarship Office)

  • ​​This is currently not available.

15.  Free Bicycle Repair Classes / Shop Hours / Shop Tools ($84  approx. value) at Bikerowave

  • ​​​This is still available. 

16.  Big Blue Bus City Transportation ($160 approx. value): Supports the “Any Time, Any Line” Ride the Big Blue Bus as many times & any Big Blue Bus lines FREE with your AS Membership- just swipe your SMC ID CARD on the bus!

  • ​​​This is still available. 

17.  Access to the Student Relief Fund (by Academic Senate & A.S. - see an A.S. Counselor)

  • ​​​This is still available. 

18.  Access to Glasses for Classes program (applications available at the SMC Health Office)

  • ​​​This is still available.

19.  Access to our designated Student Life Counselors

  • ​​​This is still available.  Email us at osl@smc.edu to schedule an appointment.