SPRING 2009 (Page Under Construction)

I. "WHAT MAKES A GREAT TEACHER", SMC Faculty Discussion Sessions 




MARCH 17th, 11:15-12:30

URI TREISMAN: Professor of mathematics and public affairs, University of Texas, Austin; Executive Director of the Dana Center; chair, Strategic Education Research Partnership, "creating new knowledge to solve urgent problems of American education"; Scientist of the Year (Harvard Foundation) 2006; MacArthur Fellow (1992), on nurturing minority student high achievement in mathematics; in all his work, Dr. Treisman is an advocate for equity and excellence in education for all children; he began his ground breaking work at UC Berkeley when he observed that Asian students succeeded in vastly higher numbers than Latino and African American students. His conclusions and subsequent work led to improved success in math and science for underrepresented students.

Topic: "On Behalf of Our Students: Working together to improve Freshman Mathematics"

Location: HSS 165, Lecture Hall

APRIL 23rd, 11:15-12:30

ALSTON CHASE: Author, Harvard and the Unabomber: the Education of an American Terrorist. A former philosophy professor with degrees from Harvard, Oxford, and Princeton, Dr. Chase has lectured at Harvard, Yale, and many other universities. He is a frequent contributor to national magazines, including the Atlantic. Regarding his book on Ted Kaczinski, the Unabomber, the Western Criminology Review writes: "Intended as a compromise between the humanist inculcation of moral value and the positivist belief that scholarship must be value-neutral, Gen Ed taought the ever-perceptive Ted Kaczinski two harsh truths and a pessimistic corollary: science threatens civilization and science cannot be stopped, therefore, 'there is no hope.'"

Topic: "Is Intelligence Evil"

Location: HSS 165, Lecture Hall

C. Fall 2008 Review of Faculty Discussion Sessions (Notes and Updates)