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Santa Monica College|Student Services|Transfer Services|University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley

Majors Offered at UC Berkeley

Major Requirements for UC Berkeley

Additional Transfer Tidbits

The big question is "What GPA do I need to be competitive?" Well, it varies from major to major, and college to college.  Factors such as extracurricular accomplishments, employment, personal qualities, as well as leadership and contributions to the intellectual and cultural vitality to the campus are important.

Haas School of Business

Students must complete all lower-division major preparation courses with a minimum 3.3 GPA and complete 7 breadth requirements, not the IGETC (please check the Business Transfer Sheet). Applicants are selected on the basis of academic performance (particularly in prerequisite courses), writing skill, interest in degree program, and knowledge of contemporary business issues (assessed through essays), extracurricular activities and/or work experience demonstrating leadership ability (assessed through a required resume), and one letter of recommendation. To improve the chances for admission, students should consider taking coursework beyond the stated pre-requisites, particularly in mathematics and English. Link to Haas School of Business transfer information.

College of Chemistry

Students are screened for completion of courses equivalent to Chemistry 11 and 12, Math 7 and 8, Physics 7, and English 1 and 2 (and English 31 for Chemistry majors). In addition, chemical engineering applicants are screened for completion of a computer science programming course for science and engineering students. For applicants to all majors, completion of additional chemistry, mathematics, and calculus-based physics is encouraged.

College of Engineering

Students are screened for completion of all pre-requisite courses and required units by the end of the preceding spring term.

College of Environmental Design (Does not accept IGETC-Please consult ASSIST for GE)

Students must complete all prerequisite coursework prior to transfer. The College accepts no more than 17 transferable semester units in design/architecture/landscape architecture towards the 60 transferable semester units minimum for transfer. Landscape Architecture transfer applicants must complete all pre-major requirements to be eligible for admission. If Santa Monica College does not offer the pre-major courses, you must find another community college that does, and take the courses there. For help finding community colleges that offer the necessary courses, please go to:

College of Letters and Science

Students are not admitted directly into majors in the College. They are admitted with pre-major status and must formally apply for admission to the major after enrolling at Berkeley and satisfying other requirements as specified by the department. The majors Computer Science, Economics, Mass Communications, Political Economy and Industrial Societies, Psychology, and Social Welfare are impacted, which means these majors are more difficult to enter than others.

College of Natural Resources

Students are screened for completion of major prerequisites and content of the application essay. Students should use the essay to discuss their educational and career objectives in relation to their intended major.

School of Optometry

Students must complete both the University's undergraduate application and a supplemental application, available by request from the School or from it's website. They must also submit three letters of recommendation, scores from the Optometry Admission Test (OAT), and transcripts from every college and/or university they have attended. Seniors are considered for admission; however, about 95% of accepted applicants have Bachelor's Degrees.​