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Santa Monica College|Student Services|Transfer Services|UC Merced

UC Merced

Transfer requirements to enter the University of California at Merced

  • Complete two transferable English composition courses.

  • Complete one transferable math course.

  • Complete 4 courses from 2 of the following 3 areas:

    • Arts/Humanities

    • Social/Behavioral Sciences

    • Physical/Biological Sciences

  • Complete 60 UC Transferable semester units.

  • Complete as much coursework in the major as you can (priority is given to students that complete the most coursework in the major).

  • Complete either the IGETC or the lower-division skills breadth requirements in reading and composition, quantitative reasoning, and foreign language.

  • Course completion date specific to campus.

  • Apply in November for the following fall.

Click here to see if UC Merced offers the major you're interested in. After following this link return to this page to find out which SMC courses you need to complete by either looking at: