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Santa Monica College|Student Services|Transfer Services|UC San Diego

UC San Diego

Transfer requirements to enter the University of California at San Diego

  • Complete two transferable English composition courses.

  • Complete one transferable math course.

  • Complete 4 courses from 2 of the following 3 areas:

    • Arts/Humanities

    • Social/Behavioral Sciences

    • Physical/Biological Sciences

  • Complete 60 UC Transferable semester units.

  • A minimum 2.4 GPA (2.8 for International applicants).

  • Complete as much coursework in the major as you can (priority is given to students that complete the most coursework in the major).

  • Complete either the IGETC or the college specific general education.

  • Complete transferable units by the end of Spring prior to Fall admission.

  • Apply in November for the following Fall.

Click here to see if UC San Diego offers the major you're interested in. After following this link return to this page to find out which SMC courses you need to complete by either looking at:

A printed publication that will facilitate the transfer process is "The Nannini Guide: Navigating Your Successful Transfer to the University of California" by Daniel L. Nannini, Transfer Center Coordinator at Santa Monica College. This book is available at the SMC Bookstore and

Additional Transfer Tidbits

UCSD does not admit by major, but admits into the university. Student demand for some of the programs, including biology and certain majors in engineering, exceeds capacity. For these programs, students are considered for admission directly into the major or for admission into the pre-major. Students admitted into pre-major status must apply for acceptance into the major after enrolling at UCSD.

Students applying for Computer Science or Computer Engineering must also select an alternate major on the UC application. Students admitted to UCSD who are not admitted directly into one of these majors will get admitted to their alternate major, provided it is not impacted. Transfer applicants to biology must complete extensive lower-division major coursework.‚Äč