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Santa Monica College|Student Services|Transfer Services|UC Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz

Transfer requirements to enter the University of California at Santa Cruz

  • Complete two transferable English composition courses.

  • Complete one transferable math course.

  • Complete 4 courses from 2 of the following 3 areas:

    • Arts/Humanities

    • Social/Behavioral Sciences

    • Physical/Biological Sciences

  • Complete 60 UC Transferable semester units.

  • A minimum 2.4 GPA (2.8 for International applicants).

  • Complete as much coursework in the major as you can (priority is given to students that complete the most coursework in the major).

  • Complete either the IGETC or the lower-division skills breadth requirements in reading and composition, quantitative reasoning, and foreign language.

  • Must complete minimum admission course requirements by Spring prior to Fall, but a student can complete IGETC and a maximum of 7 transferable semester units in summer prior to Fall.

  • Apply in November for the following Fall.

Click here to see if UC Santa Cruz offers the major you're interested in. After following this link return to this page to find out which SMC courses you need to complete by either looking at:

A printed publication that will facilitate the transfer process is "The Nannini Guide: Navigating Your Successful Transfer to the University of California" by Daniel L. Nannini, Transfer Center Coordinator at Santa Monica College. This book is available at the SMC Bookstore and

Additional Transfer Tidbits


Students who are interested in the art major must complete at least three lower-division studio courses, and pass a slide portfolio review conducted by the Art Department the quarter prior to admittance. As part of the process, students submit 15-20 quality slides (in a slide sheet) or photographs or video or URL/Web site, a written statement, and unofficial transcripts. The Art department will send detailed information regarding portfolio review deadlines and the materials required to students who indicate an interest in the major on their UC application.

Environmental Studies

Students must complete the lower-division major preparation courses list on ASSIST, with the exception of ecology. Since SMC does not teach the ecology course, students are urged to enroll in Summer session at UCSC to complete this course (ENVS 24); those not able to do so are allowed to take the course in the fall at UCSC.


Students interested in this major should consult ASSIST to complete the necessary lower-division major preparation with an overall 3.0 GPA and a 3.1GPA in all psychology courses.


For majors in the Jack Baskin School of Engineering, acceptance inot a major will be based on overall college academic record, especially in the individuals department's foundation courses. For most majors, transfer applicants are screened for completion and grades in the following courses: a year each of calculus (Math 7 and 8) and calculus-based physics (Physics 1, 2, and 3); linear algebra (Math 13) and differential equations (Math 15); and two programming courses.

The following majors or concentrations have additional screening procedures based on proficiency exams, portfolio review, or academic performance in prerequisite courses. The programs in creative writing and film/video production are small and admit a limited number of students each year. Please consult the UCSC general catalog or contact the appropriate department for more information:

  • American Studies

  • Community Studies

  • Creative Writing concentration

  • Film and Video Production concentration

  • Global Economics

  • Language Studies

  • Latin American Studies

  • Legal Studies

  • Music

  • Theater Arts