​​The English Academy 

Being part of English Academy, you get a chance to really meet new people because the program is interactive and encourages student involvement. I love the fact that I met two of my closest friends in FYE and we still continue to keep in touch. In English Academy, we were encouraged to work together and help each other out. That was one of the reasons why we still keep in touch today, because we’ve worked together before and we got to know each other as we helped each other out. I think that it becomes an advantage as you start the Fall semester, you won’t feel as though you’re a first year student. Not only making new friendships and becoming familiar with many students in the program, you also get a chance to know the Professors. My English 1 Professor was my English Academy Professor. I love that I have her as my Professor, because she knew what I struggled in and she knew how I worked. Your professors become your mentors and your backbone in English Academy. They really reach out to the students and value their education by providing all the help they can give. They make sure you can move up at least one level. After taking English Academy, I was able to move up to English 1. This program helped me save time and money from taking two other English classes before English 1.

Maggie Mumar, English Academy 2015 Student