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​FYE offers multiple summer program options for newly-accepted FYE students. Although it is required that all FYE students participate in a summer option, their FYE benefits will continue through the summer until the end of their first Spring semester. FYE offers the following summer programs:


          Summer Bridge: June 19-July 28

If you are a student who has imagined working in healthcare, business, graphic design or exciting related fields, this program offers the opportunity to explore your career options as you earn college credits toward a degree.

In this six- week course, students that have expressed interest in the fields of Allied Health, Graphic Design and Business/Logistics, have the opportunity to begin taking coursework in their prospective fields and begin their career planning with a Counseling 12, Career Planning course.

Participants: All new students participating in the First Year Experience (FYE) program who have an interest in one of the three offered pathways – Allied Health, Graphic Design or Business/Logistics.

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      English Academy: July 28-August 11


Students will work with SMC faculty and writing assistants for an opportunity to enroll directly into English 1! Students who place into English 21A are eligible for this accelerated two-week reading and writing course for a chance to enroll directly into English 1. In the Academy, students work with SMC faculty and writing assistants to strengthen their writing and research skills in preparation for a final paper. Successful students may skip English 21A and enroll directly into English 1 in fall. 

​Participants: All new students who have placed into English 21A with cut scores between 160 – 189 and desire to take English 1.

Summer Ja​​ms
 ​​   July 31-August 3 ​       


​​​​​This one-week program helps you ease into college life as you discover SMC’s campus and career resources and explore English and math concepts. 

​Participants: All new pre-college level students participating in the First Year Experience (FYE) program could benefit from math and English workshops.​

Math Academy.png​     Math Academy: July 31-August 10 

In this two-week math program, students will refresh their math skills while connecting to campus life and making new friends! Students that place into pre-college math have the opportunity to work with SMC faculty to strengthen their math skills and reassess their math placement at the end of the program.

​Participants: All new students participating in the First Year Experience program (FYE) who place into Math 84, 81,85, 18, 20, 31, 49, or 50 on the math assessment . Students who complete the Academy will have the opportunity to retake the assessment test to improve their math placement. ​