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FYE students must participate in an FYE Orientation as part of the acceptance into the program. During Orientation students will be presented FYE summer transition program options. FYE Orientations also provide students the opportunity to meet our dedicated FYE team that thrives on helping students realize their full potential.

FYE Orientation

Students who have been accepted into FYE 2017-2018 will receive an email invitation to register for an FYE Orientation. Students who have notified us of their interest to join the program, will also be invited to register for an FYE Orientation.

Students who have registered for an FYE Orientation and wish to cancel/reschedule their date can just use the same link that was included in the registration email to make those changes.

For more information, please contact the FYE program at (310) 434-8101 or at FYE@smc.edu.