​"Summer Jams really has helped me to prepare and know what to do when college actually starts. This program has made me extremely excited for starting my fall semester at SMC, and has given me the necessary tools to succeed through my college experience."

Quinn Williamson, Summer Jams 2015

​"Summer Jams was a useful program. It gave me an idea on how college classes are going to be like. Summer Jams has helped me get out of my comfort zone and learn how to interact with others."

Summer Jams 2015 student​


​"Being a part of the FYE program here at Santa Monica College has really helped out my understanding of college life and how it differs from high school. The classes offered by the program are outstanding and you are paired up with students who are like you. The classes are mainly composed of kids straight out of high school and are experiencing the same thing you are feeling. In my case, I was a part of Summer Jams and that helped me transition into the college student lifestyle. I made a couple of friends during the two weeks of Summer Jams and those friends were in my Fall FYE classes. So FYE and Summer Jams are great programs here at Santa Monica College and I would tell my friends, who are graduating from high school this year, about the two special programs."


Joshua Castaneda, Summer Jams 2014 ​

​"I had the opportunity to be a part of the very first year and group of the Summer Jams program. I must say that in the two weeks that this program was held it was one of the best experiences I had. This program helped me in more ways than I had imagined. Coming to college was a scary thought and it quickly helped me get out of that fear. Because of this program I was invited to do a student panel a year later and, because of that panel, I was able to get a job right here at school and I absolutely love it. I made new friends and I’ve made lots of memories that I will forever carry with me. I truly am grateful for my Summer Jams experience."

Ashli Huddleston, Summer Jams 2013