Big Blue Bus (BBB) - All SMC students and employees who pay their AS fees can ride all BBB lines for free. See below for instructions to obtain your sticker and activate your ID card each semester.

Metro - Students can purchase a discounted Metro pass online. When transferring to the Metro train or bus system from a BBB line ask the driver for a 50 cent transfer pass which is good for two hours.

Routes and Schedules of Buses and Trains

Main Campus is served by BBB lines: 7, 7R, 8, 16, 41, 42, 43, 44 and Metro's Expo train at 17th Street Station.

Bundy/ Airport Campuses are served by BBB lines: 14, 44 and Metros Expo train at Bundy Station.

PAC is served by BBB lines: - 1, 2, 10R, 44 and Metro's Expo train at 17th Street Station.

Center for Media and Design is served by BBB lines: 5, 16, and 43 and Metro's Expo train at Bergamot Station.

Emeritus is served by BBB lines: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 7R 8, 9, 10R, 18 & Metro's Expo train at 4th Street Station.

How to Activate Your ID Card to Ride the Bus for Free

Big Blue Bus requires that you swipe your ID card to board a bus. You are responsible for activating your card each semester which means you must visit one of the following stations to to make it active.

*New ID cards have already been swiped and are ready to use. 

*Returning student a nd employees must re-activate cards each semester at at one of these locations:

  • Main Campus

    • Bursar’s office during normal hours

    • Financial Aid office during normal hours

    • Auxiliary Services (staff only)

    • Pico Bus Stop: During the first week of school, returning students can get IDs activated for the semester at the bus stop located at Pico and 18th street

  • Center for Media & Design: Bookstore, first week of semester, Mon-Thur 9:30am-7pm. Fri 8am-3pm

  • Bundy Campus: Staff Office in lobby, Closed Spring 2018 due to construction

  • Performing Arts Center: Bookstore, first week of semester, 9am-12:30 and 3:30-7pm

Swipe & Ride Any Line/Any time​​​​​​​