​​​Tips to Avoid Traffic at SMC​

  1. Plan ahead. Schedule at least an hour before your class starts to make sure you get to class on time. And know where your class is located: SMC Campus Maps

  2. Use Drop Off / Pickup Zone on Pico at 19th only. Do not use Pearl Street (it is too congested). Do not allow driver to stop in front of driveways, in bike lanes or in bus stops. 

  3. Avoid driving your car. Parking is very challenging and unpredictable. If you must drive, it is best to park at Bundy Campus (3171 S Bundy Dr., LA.). There is no cost for this parking decal and there are plenty of spaces. Shuttles run every 15 minutes to mian campus.

    • Find your best commute options at corsaircommute.com

    • Transit to SMC - Big Blue Bus and Metro Expo Train

    • Carpool. Find a match at corsaircommute.com. Or use uberPOOL or Lyft Line.  First time "pool" users can get discounts by using codes: UberPOOL uberpoolSMC2016 ​or Lyft Line ​SMC2017

    • Free SMC and BBB Shuttles. Shuttles run frequently between all campuses. Current student or employee IDs required to ride.

    • Use mobile apps​ to know when and where the next bus and train will arrive so you never have to wait.

    • Park at another lot. Check out Santa Monica City Lots.

  4. Get the latest SMC parking updates on Twitter.

SMC Bundy Shuttle