FREE evening rides to PAC, CMD, and Bundy using Lyft Shared. Get codes at Intercampus Shuttle.

Students attending SMC have many transportation alternatives that allow them to get to campus without having to drive alone which avoids frustrations from traffic, and costs for parking passes. In fact, 70% of our students get to campus by alternative modes. They know that a bus, train, carpool, bike, scooter or walking trip saves money and is less stressful than driving. All options* are listed below.

*Some of the transportation options are provided by third parties and not regulated by SMC. Some may involve you signing legal agreements. You should carefully review the agreements and ensure that the option you select is appropriate for you.

Corsair Commute

SMC's personalized trip planner that provides all options (bike, walk, transit, carpool, and car) in one screen, including costs, time, route maps, calories burned and CO2 emitted.

SMC employees can earn incentives for using alternative modes to get to work.

Tip: If you must drive, we recommend heading directly to Bundy Campus where parking is free, plentiful, and shuttles run to main campus every 15 minutes. Parking decals are free and must be picked up at the Bundy campus office. The shuttle drops off at 17th and Pearl at the main campus.

  • Big Blue Bus

    Ride Free. Any Line, Any Time, thanks to SMC and the Associated Students. Simply pay your AS fees, swipe your card, ride the bus and save money, time and the air! Several BBB lines service various SMC campuses. Visit the BBB website for more info.

    • New students & staff ID cards are ready to use!

    • Returning students & staff must re-activate* cards at the Bursar’s office each semester. (*card re-activation requires student/staff ID number)

    • BBB now only accepts payment via TAP. Visit the bookstore to purchase.

  • Expo Train

    • Main campus - 17th Street (10 min walk or take BBB #41 or #42)

    • PAC campus - 17th Street (10 min walk or take BBB #41 or #42)

    • Emeritus - 4th Street Station (10 min walk)

    • Center for Media and Design - Bergamot Station (4 min walk)

    • Bundy / Airport campuses - (catch the BBB #14 from the Bundy Station)

    Transfer from BBB to Metro for 50¢  with special TAP card from the bookstore. Purchase  Student monthly pass for $43. More Expo info.

  • Carpool, Vanpool and Ride-Hailing

    Carpool - Find another SMC rider via www.corsaircommute or check out Metro's Ride Match for a larger pool of drivers in Los Angeles.

    Ride Hailing - New Drop Off/Pick Up Zone for Lyft/Uber rides on Pico Blvd. between 17th and 18th Streets, behind Drescher Hall. See the top middle area of the map. Temporary zone due to construction until December 18, 2018. Do not use Pearl Street.
    -For uberPOOL, use promo code uberpoolsmc2016 for $20 first ride.
    -For Lyft Shared , use promo code SMC18 for $10 off your first shared ride.

    Vanpool - Find a spot in an existing van or start one.

  • Shuttles to Satellite Campuses

    Big Blue Bus and LYFT Shared provide connec tions from the main campus to Bundy, Airport Arts, Center for Media and Design and the Performing Arts Center. View the Intercampus Shuttle page .

    Tip: FREE and plentyful parking at Bundy campus. Buses to and from the main  campus run every 14 min. Save money and time searching for parking.

  • Breeze Bike Share

    Over 500 bikes to choose from around Santa Monica with many located at every campus for those short trips to campus from the bus or Expo line, off campus to get lunch, run errands, or ride to another campus for class.

    Become a member or rent by the hour. Special SMC student rate is $7 per month for 90 minutes of ride time per day. Use SMC email to sign up.

  • Bike Repair

    SMC Bike Club repairs minor problems (flats & squeaks) for FREE Tue & Thu during club hours at the Pearl Bike Lot.

    Free bike maintenance support at Bikerowave, for anyone with a current AS sticker on their SMC ID card.

    DIY stands with pumps and tools are available 24/7 at Pearl Street Bike Lot.

  • Electric Waive Car Rental

    Free electric car rental for the first 2 hours. No cost to join.

    Must be 21+ to rent and there is a 20 mile driving radius limit from Santa Monica.

    International and out-of-state licenses are okay.

    Cars must be returned to Santa Monica and parked legally. Join at Waivecar

  • Mobile Apps

    These new apps take the guesswork out of planning your trip by aggregating real-time data from the nearby bus, train, bike share and car share services. Check arrival times, find closest stops, plan your route, weigh your options. Never waste time at a bus stop again.

    Transit App - Real time schedule updates for all nearby transit options.
    Go LA - Plan & compare trip options in the LA region and track goals.
    Google Maps - Trip planning for walking, biking, transit and driving.
    NextBus - Real time arrival info & vehicle locations for BBB & Metro.

  • Parking

    If you absolutely must drive to campus, plan extra time for traffic and parking. To park on any of the SMC campuses you must have a current parking decal. Parking decals for SMC's Bundy and Airport campuses are FREE and frequent busess run to the main campus. All other campuses require paid parking decals. Get a parking decal on Corsair Connect or in person at the Bursar's Office.

  • Pedestrian Zone

    Please ride to campus but not through campus. Dismount from bikes, skateboards, and scooters or risk a citation. 

Electric Scooters: At Santa Monica College, we care deeply about your safety. With the recent influx of electric scooters, we thought it was important to give you a quick look at the state laws regarding electric scooters, so that you can be safe. Please note that electric scooters and bikes are NOT allowed on any of Santa Monica College’s campuses.

California Vehicle Code (CVC) 407.5(a) defines a motorized scooter as any two-wheeled device that has handlebars, has a floorboard that is designed to be stood upon when riding, and is powered by an electric motor. CVC 21235 mandates that all scooter riders in California:

  • Must wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet if you are under 18.
  • Have a valid driver license
  • Ride on the road and remain off sidewalks
  • May not park scooters on a sidewalk in a position that blocks pedestrian paths

Be very aware of your surroundings as you may not be seen or heard by other vehicles. Drive cautiously and defensively. Please be safe and be a responsible rider. Use common sense: don’t forget that these scooters are motorized vehicles, not toys, operating on streets.

Printable Maps

If the maps on our Transportation web pages are not accessible to you, contact Manuel Islas by telephone at (310) 434-3554 or email at

Transportation Task Force at SMC

Way to go logoInterested in being a part of the solution? Attend the Transportation Task Force meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month from 1 – 2:30 pm. Meetings located at 1744 Pearl Street.

A draft of the new sustainable transportation plan can be found here: PDF FileSustainable Transportation Planning Matrix