uberPOOL provides the same convenience and reliability of uberX, but allows riders to share their ride—and the cost—with another person who is requesting a ride along a similar route.

  • Share your ride, split the cost.

  • Free first ride for uberPOOL users up to $20. Use code: uberpoolSMC2016

  • There will be uberPOOL pickup/dropoff zones at all campuses. The only zone at the Main Campus is on Pico past 18th Street


Reduce the cost of transportation and impact of traffic on cities by reducing cars on the road by pairing riders going the same way at the same time

uberPOOL: Go anywhere. Leave anytime. Meet anyone.

LA is a city notorious for traffic and social isolation because of its sprawling landscape and transportation infrastructure. With uberPOOL, living and moving across LA can be affordable and efficient. uberPOOL opens doors to social and economic opportunities to more people than ever before, transforming the transportation landscape of the city.


Drop off zone is on Pico Blvd. past 18th Street. Rides are not fulfilled on Pearl Street.

uberPOOL Pickup Location, 18th and Pico 

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For other alternatives to get to campus, visit the SMC Transportation page