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eCompanion is a powerful online course management system that will enable you to easily supplement your traditional, on-ground classes with online content and tools.  It benefits both teacher and student by enhancing on-campus courses by supporting efficient and effective teaching and learning.

Why should you use it?

eCompanion will ease your workload by providing easy, 24/7 access for students to course materials such as assignments, notes, syllabi, presentations, articles and handouts.  You can even post grades.  With one click of the mouse, eCompanion will allow you to convert PowerPoint presentations, and Microsoft Word and Excel files to web friendly pages.  With just a few clicks eCompanion will also enable you to send an email to your entire class.  You will be able to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time teaching.
To login, go to Next, enter your User ID and Password (listed below) and click "Go to Class".  To access your course, simply click on the course name. 

1-      Visit
2-      User ID: lastname-firstname
3-      Password: four-digit date of birth (MMDD)