The SMC Web and Social Media Department can provide you with a starter faculty home page that includes all styles and graphics for an approved design. Once you have it on your computer, you can edit your documents in Adobe Dreamweaver.

Instructions on how to set up your files and folders in Dreamweaver.

Connecting to the Server

​Instructions on how to publish and manage your website in Dreamweaver.

Settings for the SMC Server

Server Name: homepage

Connect using: FTP

FTP Address:

Username: [Your SMC username]

Password: [Your SMC password]

Root Directory: /[website-name]/ (Most likely your name. No Spaces! Use dashes or underscores)

Web URL:[website-name]/

Follow​ the Dreamweaver instructions on how to test and sync your files with the server.

More Dreamweaver Video Tutorials

SMC Web Guide