​​​​Santa Monica College Postmaster

Instructions for new e-mail users.


  1. Logging in:
    1. Your network logon account username (truncated to 20 characters) is <surname>_<firstname>
      (Note the use of the UNDERSCORE or shifted-hyphen character)
    2. Your password is (initially) SMC- plus the last four digits of your Social Security number
      (i.e., the capital letters "SMC" plus a hyphen symbol plus the last four digits of your SSN (e.g., SMC-1234). If you need to reset it to this default value, please visit https://www.smc.edu/password/reset​.
    3. Your domain is SMC
  2. Your E-mail address:

    Your e-mail address is your username + @smc.edu (i.e., <surname>_<firstname>@smc.edu)

  3. Checking your E-mail:
    1. Use the e-mail program your department uses (Outlook or Exchange) to connect to the e-mail server
    2. You can also access your e-mail via your web browser by logging in at https://outlook.office.com
  4. Checking your Class Roster:
    1. Access your class roster by clicking the "Class Rosters" link at http://www.smc.edu/mp
    2. Your class roster username (and password) is the same as your network logon account.
    3. If you have further questions about the Class Roster service, contact the MIS department
      Via e-mail at ITHelp@smc.edu
      By phone at Extension 3010
  5. Email policies:
    1. Use e-mail for work-related communications (Personal use must not unduly consume resources or distract attention from your work)
    2. Keep the total size of all your messages within your quota (currently 50GB)
      (Note: you will be unable to send e-mail as long as you have exceeded a 49.5G​B prohibit-send quota)
      (Note: you must re-delete messages in your Deleted Items folder to permanently purge them)
  6. Getting help:
    1. For issues related to email, network accounts, faculty homepages and class rosters and grade submissions, contact ITHelp@smc.edu