Once you are in the editing window, you can add your content in several ways. Probably the easiest is to copy and paste the content from an existing file: Microsoft Word, or a Google Document. 

Once you do, it's a good idea to clean up the content so that any lingering formatting won't interfere with the Accessibility. ​Select all the content and click the "Clear Content" button in the Format Text Tab. ​

Text formatting ribbon with the clear formatting button indicated.

From there, start by making all your content using the Ribbon and the "Paragraph" button in the "Styles" area.

Text formatting controls in the Ribbon with the paragraph style indicated.

The "Paragraph" style adds a double space between each paragraph so you should clean out any extra spaces between each paragraph. If you click between a paragraph and there is a blinking cursor, remove it by using the backspace button or the forward "delete" button so that the cursor will move from one paragraph to the next without dropping into a space between.​

Adding Style/Design to Your Content

Once the text has been cleaned up and all you have is paragraphs, start formatting your content for both accessibility and design. You can try to match the way your original document was organized, but use the styles to format your content rather than changing the fonts, sizes and colors. Each style will add the proper code to make the page accessible and also format the text to follow a standard look and feel that has been established throughout the SMC website. 

You can also use the bulleted lists, numbered lists, bold, and italic buttons to format your text. 

Tip: Skip the "Heading 1" button, and go directly to "Heading 2" for your sub-headings. You should only have one "H1," and the title of the page is using it. 

Tip: Never use the underline button to emphasize text. Underlined text indicate a link, and if you aren't linking to anything you don't want to underline it. Use bold or italic text instead.

Tip: You can space between bullet or numbered lists by applying the "Paragraph" style to each list item. Select the entire list and click the "Paragraph" style to make it quicker.

Tip: By default in the styles, paragraphs will have a double space between them. If you want to keep a single space, hold down the "shift" key then click the "return/enter" key.

Note: Bold, Italic, or even colored text doesn't do anything for accessibility, they are purely visual cues. Headings are what make things stand out both visually and for screen readers.