​​​The following information is for Content Editors of the SMC website. To get access, or if you have any questions that these pages don't answer, please contact the Web and Social Media office.

Santa Monica College is committed to making our website Accessible to people with disabilities. Please consult the How to Create Accessible Web Pages guide for specific instructions on creating and adding your content.

Browser Choice

Although SharePoint should work with all browsers, we recommend using Firefox.

Logging In

The login link can be found on the Faculty & Staff page, in the middle column under Login for Faculty/Staff. Use your SMC username and password.

The Ribbon

After logging in you will see the SharePoint controls across the top of your browser window. You will only have editing controls for pages you have been given permission to edit.

Your username will appear on the top right of the screen next to the "settings" gear icon.

If you do not see an "edit" button below the settings gear, use the gear to display a drop down menu and choose "Show Ribbon" from the list of choices.

SharePoint controls without the editing buttons.

SharePoint controls with the editing buttons.

From here you'll be able to edit your pages.​

Note: if you do not see the "Edit" button after showing the Ribbon, you do not have permission to edit the page.