Effective June 16th, 2010, students will use an Google-powered SMC email account (@student.smc.edu) as the official means of communication with the College.

What does this mean to SMC Faculty?

  • Instructors need to be aware that ALL students receive an SMC Email (no exceptions) automatically. This email account has an impressive array of world-class features that include: over 7GB of online storage, access to Google Docs, Calendar, Video Chat, and much more.

  • On and after June 16th, class rosters will contain “only” student.smc.edu email addresses. If email correspondence was transmitted before June 16th, it was directed to the students contact email (non-SMC email). Faculty should consider sending a second initial correspondence to help with this transition.

  • Where is the student email located and how do they gain access? To gain access to their SMC student email account, students login to Corsair Connect (the same place they enroll in classes) and click on the SMC@EMAIL link.

  • On or after June 16th, email sent through eCollege/eCompanion will go to the new SMC Email account.

  • How were students notified about this change? Students were notified via several emails and other promotional pieces to let them know that this change was coming. It is also prominently promoted in the Corsair Connect student portal.

  • Please be mindful that some students will be unaware of this change and not check their SMC email account. Faculty should remind students that this change has occurred and encourage them to login and check their email.

Classroom Specific Questions

  • My class uses software and I’ve already registered my students for the Summer semester using the students personal email address. What should I do? Continue to communicate that we’re transitioning, and that students may need to use their personal email address to open software registered before the move to SMC Email.

  • What if a student in my class cannot use the SMC email account powered by Google GMail? This is a matter for Admissions. Based on the facts Admissions will decide if an exception is valid. However, I suspect the student’s case will need to be extremely compelling.

  • Can I still contact students with a non-SMC email address? Yes, faculty can contact students using any method they like. The SMC Student address is there to help you manage your class more efficiently not restrict communication. However, some College business must be performed using the student.smc.edu address (e.g., Admissions).

  • How do student know what their email address is? It’s listed on the Bursar receipt, class schedule, profile, and in the main page of Corsair Connect. It’s hard to miss.

  • How do students log into their SMC student email account? This is simple—they login to Corsair Connect and click the SMC@EMAIL icon. Student email is Single Sign-On—no username or password required. They can also use their Smart phone to check their email.

  • Where can Faculty or Students go if they need help? For SMC Email help visit: Ask Pico!