Your Main SMC Email Account

SMC uses Google to provide you with an email account, calendars, document sharing, and IM – all from your SMC email account (

SMC Gmail Basics

  • About Your SMC Email: Your SMC email account is used as the official way of communicating for you, your instructors and SMC.
  • How to Access Your Email: Go to Corsair Connect and click "SMC @Email". No second login is required.​This account was created for you automatically.
  • Forwarding Your Email to Another Account​: Students are responsible for receiving emails from SMC. SMC cannot guarantee the delivery of forwarded email.

Use Your SMC Gmail Account as the Main Account

  • This account is the main way SMC communicates with you. This account will be the only way to guarantee you receive important college information.
  • Your Google account includes Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, and Docs. 
  • You can preview and access all of your email in Corsair Connect (formerly the Student Self-Service system)
  • Google Apps provides you with all the functionality and collaboration tools needed to share documents, stay connected with your friends and be successful in school.
For more information, visit ​​FAQs About the Move to Google Apps.  ​