Using Turnitin @ SMC 

Watch a short introductory video about Turnitin

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Plagiarism Education Week:Webcasts devoted to sharing ideas and best practices to teach educators and students how to move from copying to critical thinking.


Using Turnitin at SMC
How to activate Turnitin in eCompanion >>​
What is Turnitin? Learn more here.
Training Resources
Plagiarism Education Week
Instructor training
To learn more about using Turnitin as an instructor, click here.

The following two videos highlight particular attributes of the eCollege/eCompanion SMC integration, including the Dropbox baskets, setting due dates, and suggested grading techniques.

Turnitin and the Dropbox

 Turnitin Dropbox Integration

Grading Es​says in the Integrated eCompanion and Turnitin Platforms

 Grading Using the Dropbox


Configure eCollege Dropbox for TurnItIn

This video is an overview of the Turnitin integration using a generic eCollege/eCompanion course shell.


Student Training
To help your students learn more about using Turnitin, please send them to the following link:

 Getting to Turnitin Through eCompanion/eCollege's Dropbox

About plagiarism
Learn some plagiarism prevention ideas from the SMC Honor Council website, here.

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