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E-mail netiquette: broadcasts...


A few friendly "netiquette" suggestions for all SMC e-mail users who want to broadcast announcements to  large distribution lists (e.g., FACULTY_ALL):


Note: Due to widespread abuse of the DISTRICT distribution list following the events of 9/11/01, a new policy was promulgated to restrict who may use this particular list for broadcasts. The concern remains that, since messages addressed to this list reach over 2,500 mailboxes, broadcasts must be work-related and of general interest to the majority of targeted recipients. Those wishing to disseminate information should also consider whether other lists might more narrowly target intended recipients, such as FACULTY_ALL, ALL_CLASSIFIED_STAFF, or ACADEMIC_ADMINISTRATORS.  In any event, all broadcasts should be brief, contain no file attachments, and ideally should reference a webpage where more detailed information is available.


Last Updated: June 08, 2011

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