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Q. What POP3 server name do I use to access my e-mail from home?
A. From off-campus, use

Q. What SMTP server name do I use to remotely send e-mail from home?
A. You will have to use a third-party SMTP server (e.g., your ISP's SMTP server).

Q. How do I configure my personal Smart PDAs settings to be able to manage my SMC e-mail?
A. Use the POP3 settings specified above, or if using Activesync, then use the more secure Activesync server address, which is For additional support, please contact your Smart PDA vendor.

Q. What on-campus proxy settings must I use to be able to access certain websites?
A. Faculty/staff should use "" (no quotes), while students should use "" (no quotes), for the proxy address on port 80. You can use this setting for all protocols, although you should bypass local requests and websites matching the pattern "*" (no quotes).

Q. OK, but how do I configure my web browser to use these proxy settings?
A. Follow the instructions at
Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Mozilla's Firefox or Google's Chrome .
Also, see ./Help/WebProxy/ for screenshots.

Q. When using the Outlook Web Access interface, why can't I successfully send to a particular campus recipient?
A. Double-check the spelling of the recipient's address. Try using the "Find Names" button on the far left side to locate your intended recipient; at this time, the display name (which begins with the surname) is the only searchable field. If you cannot locate your recipient in this manner, perhaps he/she no longer works for the College.

Q. When using the Outlook Web Access interface, I check a dozen messages and click on X to delete them; when the page comes back, why are ten of the messages still there?
A. On particularly slow links (e.g., via some modems), the server does not synchronize after executing your requested action. Try deleting in smaller batches (e.g., two or three messages at a time). Also, if you are using earlier versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, make sure your Temporary Internet files Settings (in the General tab under the View menu) is set to check for newer versions of stored pages on every visit to the page, rather than the default, which is only every time you start Internet Explorer. (Keystrokes: Alt-V, O, Alt-S, Alt-E, Return, Return.)

Q. When I try to log in to my e-mail from home using the Outlook Web Access interface, I get an "Authorization failure" no matter how many times I correctly enter my username and password. What am I doing wrong (because it works when I'm on campus)?
A. Be sure your browser is set to accept Cookies. This is required for OWA, and if you have disabled Cookies without Warning, you will get an "Authorization failure" without any indication as to why.

Q. How do I dial in to campus from home via a telephone modem?
A. See for instructions. (Note: the campus dial-up service is no longer officially supported by the District.)

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