Hair Ye, Hair Ye

The next time your eyebrows are going crazy or your hair is past the point of no return, you can stop by the cosmetology department’s full service salon, one of SMC’s best-kept secrets. All “non-chemical” treatments are free for employees. Between classes, salon, organizing an annual hair show, fundraising and volunteering at shelters, the Cosmetology department is a busy place. Read more

Hi-Tech Image

Hi-Tech SMC

SMC gets $1.6 million to train students in Information, Communication & Technology jobs – and were instrumental in forming a regional alliance that got a total of $15 million.  Read More

Courtney Pierce Image

In focus:
Courtney Pierce

Thirteen years. From working two part-time custodian jobs to being a supervisor. Read More

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Counseling Rocks!

Not that you didn't already know that counseling is to student success what the fountain is to our quad. Read More

Bragging Rights

SMC Bragging Rights

An English professor wins a grant from the oldest feminist agency,  SMC's favorite nurse gets a Lifetime Achievement Award and more! Read More

Fall Photo

Fall Photo Contest

From a squirrel who badly wanted Flex Day cookies to fall leaves and old abandoned chairs, you proved that SMC's diversity extends to your photography  talent.  Read More