A Dream Born in the Middle Kingdom

When Xiang Xu joined UCLA’s Master of Fine Arts in Dance program, he found that it did not meet his expectations. He left it for Santa Monica College, and went on to transfer to his dream school: NYU Tisch. Xiang recounts his journey – from the time he saw a Chinese opera as a little boy to finding his artistic identity at the Beijing Dance Academy, and his transition to NYU. Seán Curran of NYU Tisch also talks about why Xiang’s work is so unique. Read more

SMC Theater Arts

SMC Sets the Stage

Lights, makeup, costumes, sets, and so much more! A new degree trains students for everything that goes on behind (and on) the stage. Read More

Rebecca Romo

Dr. Rebecca Romo’s Journey Upward

Sociology professor Dr. Rebecca Romo overcame poverty and many roadblocks to fulfill her dream – but her life would also lead her to a certain calling. Read More

Art Mentor Program

Art to Bend the Mind

SMC’s Art Mentor Program has been producing prominent artists for decades. What makes this program so unique – and why do students leave with a new identity? Read More

Seaside Photo By Rollence Patugan

SMC Bragging Rights

Swimming in the dark with dolphins, mercy on a ship, comic fiction, art at a Metro station and more! SMC colleagues share accomplishments…and gratitude. Read More

Center for Teaching Excellence

Caring for 1,000

It’s a network of support, a home away from home, and a bridge to the fulfillment of educational dreams for 1,000 students. Read More