SMC Students Head to NASA/JPL

NASA is best known for interplanetary exploration, but here on Earth, one of NASA’s critical missions is to ensure that it has a diverse workforce with strong training in STEM. Today, thanks to three initiatives, Santa Monica College students have a chance to experience NASA and JPL up close and personally. Read more

Brother to Brother JAMS Students

SMC Students Demystify College

If we can do it, so can you. This is the message SMC students are imparting as mentors to middle school students. Read More

Domingo Thomas Mayan Temple

Inside the Wire: Domingo Tomas

U.S. Army veteran Domingo Tomas wants to be a lawyer, set up a school in Guatemala, and buy more school supplies. Read More

Forum for Diversity Lunch

Breaking Bread, Breaking Barriers

A forum helps students and science instructors break bread…and a few barriers in the process. Read More

Sal Veas Skiing

SMC Bragging Rights

A photo instructor’s dog and cat disrupt his Sunday plans (& the video goes viral), and an SMC alum’s art gets rave reviews. Read More

Inonge Wina visiting SMC.

Zambian VP Honored

Inonge Mutukwa Wina was an SMC student, over 50 years ago. She went on to become the first female VP of Zambia. Read More