Sewing Up Careers in Fashion

Raquel Medina always dreamed of being a fashion designer. Kenta Tanaka came from Japan to pursue his ambition of crafting running shoes. And while Kevin Fernando's design for his future would lead elsewhere, he knew where he wanted to begin. They all did. Read more

Bath England Roman Bath

The Corsairs' English Adventure

22 Corsairs flew across the Atlantic for an adventure in the land of Shakespeare and fish 'n' chips. Read More

Logistics warehouse

Feeding the Pacific Rim Pipeline

An SMC program helps train students for well-paying jobs in two of the country's largest ports—and beyond. Read More

Flavio and Brazil Flag

Swimming to America

Flavio Henrique Rahme Costa Filho moved to the U.S., learned English, and faced his fears— thanks to the power of wanting. Read More

Greg Schreiner

SMC Bragging Rights

Three professors become American Ballet Theatre certified teachers. An English professor's "My Cousin Charles" gets published. Read More

Entertainment Technology Student with Digital Tablet

Visualizing the Future

What should a character or setting on TV or a videogame look like? A new Visual Development certificate prepares students for an exciting career. Read More