A Snow Leopard Changes an SMC Student’s Life

Korinna Domingo was a hair and makeup stylist when she had a life-changing encounter with a snow leopard, which brought her to Santa Monica College. A first-generation college student, Korinna struggled but stayed true to her passion. Today, she works tirelessly to save Los Angeles’s mountain lions. Read More.

Kozue Kashara dancing

Kozue’s New World

Kozue Kasahara had a dream, and she traveled over 5,000 miles across the Pacific to pursue it. Read More

Simon Valenzuela and Roman Ferede


An eggbeater inspired Simon Valenzuela and his fellow students to build a centrifuge—and led them to a national conference. Read More

Marian with monkey on shoulder

Making Art Happen: Marian Winsryg

This artist and professor has curated exhibits featuring some of today’s most prominent artists at SMC’s Barrett Art Gallery. Read More

red white blue green cloaked figures

SMC Bragging Rights

Another SMC Theatre Arts production heads to a prestigious festival, a police officer is honored for doing her duty with compassion, plus new books and art shows. Read More

STEM students learn in lab


SMC’s STEM students will soon be able to take advantage of new Engineering courses, a new pathway and emerging career opportunities. Read More