In the Heart of Silicon Beach, CMD Campus Creates New Opportunities

Santa Monica College’s new $115 million high-tech campus for media, design, and KCRW is futuristic and inspiring. For students in the nine programs housed at the Center for Media and Design, the campus is an unprecedented setting for affordable, world-class education. And—as the proverbial icing on the cake—it is designed to spark creative connections between students in different disciplines. Read More

Nilofar Ghasami

Nilofar Takes Charge of Her Destiny

Nilofar Ghasami will be at the UN headquarters this March. Few will guess what kind of obstacles she’s had to overcome. Read More

The Santa Monica Review

Santa Monica Review Turns 30

SMC’s renowned literary journal, the Santa Monica Review, turns 30 this year. It happens to be the only nationally-distributed lit mag at a community college. Read More

Greg Verin and pet

Greg Verini’s New Start

On the outside, Greg Verini had everything. But he was drowning in alcoholism and despair. Read More

Haut Dog Fashion Show

SMC Bragging Rights

Making art in the desert, students at a haute dog fashion show, a road trip through American history. Read More

STEM Instructor and Student

STEM Instructor Inspires, Students Win

A ‘biophysicist from South LA’ inspires STEM students, leading to unexpected awards. Read More