Valeria Galbert Finds a New Life

Valeria Galbert was tired of working minimum-wage jobs, and just wanted an Associate’s Degree so she could get a job as shift supervisor. Today, Valeria—fresh from a ten-week internship at JPL, helping scientists map terrain units to Europa—is a full-scholarship student at her dream school, Loyola Marymount University. The story of her life embodies the truth of the motto: "Si Se Puede." Read More

Nicole Woodard

Welcome Back, Nicole

She used to cut classes and play truant. Today, Nicole Woodard, PhD, shows up four hours early to the place that saved her life. Read More

Rae Apodaca Pomegranate Photo

Future in Focus

When Rae Apodaca wanted a new start, the newly divorced mother of four found her life’s focus at Santa Monica College. She uprooted her life to pursue a new path. Read More

West Hooker-Poletti

West Looks Back—and Forward

He was once a hotel key clerk, and is a successful restaurateur today. West Hooker-Poletti looks back at his foundational years. Read More

Jo dancing

SMC Bragging Rights

A bookstore buyer wins bronze at the 2018 Gay Games, an English instructor has a witchy novel out, and a trustee helps others reflect on what’s in a name. Read More

Undocumented Ally Group

For the Love of Students

A free farmer’s market. “Galley” food pantries. Food vouchers. The quest to feed hungry students, to help them succeed. Read More