Emeritus Students Paint Empathy in Action

Picture yourself being homeless. Literally. That was the culminating project for Adam Harrison’s intermediate painting class at SMC Emeritus last fall. Students were asked to produce a large-scale painting of themselves as if they were homeless. To do so, they were asked to interview a homeless person to comprehend what it meant to be without a home. It was an eye-opening experience. Read More

Ari Ariatta

Master of the Paddle: Ari Ariatta

Ari Ariatta went to the national championships for table tennis this spring. In spite of a case of ‘bad limb’, he is trying to live a good life—like everyone else. Read More

Wally Diaz

The Path of Most Resilience

For STEM major Walberto “Wally” Diaz, the path from start to finish has not been a straight line—but on the way, he’s learned resilience. Read More

Kathleen Hwang

Unlocking Empathy One User at a Time

Interaction Design major Kathleen Hwang has already beaten the odds—and she’s closer to her goal of being a designer to help human beings be better. Read More

Bragging Rights

Bragging Rights

Malibu's new Poet Laureate. A smash hit Mexican romcom. Helping guardian youth dream big. A beautiful, virtual planner. Guardian Scholars commended. Read More

Yamissette Westerband

Living & Teaching Social Justice

SMC’s professor of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Yamissette Westerband talks about coming out, and the life-changing power of one person. Read More